Entrepreneur & Family Office Services

The mission of the teams at the Entrepreneur & Family Office Services (EFOS) business line at REYL & Cie is to support entrepreneurs and family offices on the long term by offering them a single entry point to all the areas of expertise of the REYL Group.

A single entry point for all REYL Group’s business lines

Through EFOS, REYL & Cie offers a cross-department and integrated solution based on the full range of expertise in its various business lines, namely Wealth Management, Corporate Finance, Asset Services and Asset Management. Whether entrepreneurs or family offices, the aspirations and needs of EFOS clients combine both professional and private considerations. The purpose of EFOS is to develop, consolidate, protect and transfer family and entrepreneurial assets under their responsibility.

The comprehensive approach of EFOS enables the team to respond to their client’s specific needs by taking into account all of their financial needs, from historical and geographical factors as well as their private and professional goals in the short and long-term. This multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary dialogue enables the EFOS teams to develop high value-added solutions for their clients.

A transversal and ultra-personalised approach

The EFOS teams consist of leading advisors in the areas of corporate banking, private banking, wealth planning, legal advice, audit, asset administration services and asset management. The combination of these skills within a single offering allows the development of tailor-made services that are transversal and integrated. EFOS can support clients in specific and complex operations such as setting up international mortgages, loans on works of art, searching for responsible or philanthropic initiatives, real estate or private equity investments, structuring asset protection and transfer tools, restructuring of a group of companies and raising of corporate financing in debt or capital, advising in an initial public offering. Each of these operations, carried out hand-in-hand with REYL's specialised teams, increases mutual understanding, constantly improves the quality of services, and is part of a lasting collaboration.

Dedicated access to all Group’s business lines

EFOS is a point of entry for accessing all of REYL Group’s other business lines, namely:

Wealth Management (portfolio management, mortgage loans, Lombard loans and hybrid loans) and a team dedicated to External Asset Managers
Corporate Finance (M&A, restructuring, debt raising, structured financing, private equity and special situations)
Asset Management (liquid and non-liquid - real estate, private equity, private debt)
Asset Services (structuring of dedicated funds, custody, administration)

EFOS teams also offer specific expertise in the following areas:

Corporate Governance Services

  • Legal and tax advice (audit, advisory, implementation)
  • Asset and commercial transaction structuring (financing, holding, brokerage)
  • Financial (audit, accounting, global reporting)
  • Administration (escrow and trust accounts, domicile)

Family Governance Services

  • Legal advice (family, estate, disputes)
  • Taxation (audit, advisory, administration and coordination)
  • Real asset administration such as real estate, yacht, aircraft, art or jewellery (acquisition/sale and financing/securitisation, escrow and trust accounts, management, consolidated reporting)
  • Personal assistance (lifestyle management and concierge services, personnel management, relocation, secretarial services)

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